One GPUBox to rule all GPUs

You can connect all available GPUs, no matter if they are on Linux or Windows, and force  them to work on single render. Moreover you can use the GPUs on demand on any computer connected to the same network, even more, you can share the GPUs with others.

In the following video we are going to show you how to connect additional GPU to already existing GPUBox infrastructure. For the sake of demonstration we used Amazon EC2 instances however you can use any computers with GPUs. We choose EC2 to show you they are on demand and they are really cheap. If you start instances g2.2xlarge as spot, for a dollar you can have about 15 GRID K520 GPUs with the power of GTX 670 each for entire hour.

We connected Windows to already running 8 instances with Linux. Details of configuration are on the picture which speaks for itself.

Connect GPUBox to 9 GPUs You can find more information in our documentation

… so enjoy the watch

Soon we are going to show you

  • side by side how to install, configure and manage GPUs on two computers,
  • and how to start GPUBox on Amazon EC2 infrastructure with ease,

… and of course you can always share your thougts and write to us

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