GPUBox is going to support Arion


We can now officially announce that GPUBox is going to support RandomControl Arion.

Arion is a hybrid, GPU-accelerated, and physically-based production render engine capable of generating hyper-real images. RandomControl offers it in stand-alone version as well as plugins for 3ds Max and Rhinoceros. First tests of this renderer running on GPUBox proved that it exhibits great scalability and nearly-native performance while using multiple GPUs virtualized with GPUBox.

We launched the Arion benchmark on 4 x GTX 690 (8 GPUs) running within our local testing environment as well as on 6xGRID K520 within GPUBox Web Service:


Official support for this outstanding renderer will be introduced to GPUBox within the next major update. Besides Arion, GPUBox is also going to open for scientific applications such as LAMMPS, CUDASW++, HOOMD-blue, Gromacs or BarraCUDA to name just a few. And last but not least – GPUBox GPUServer will no longer require Linux. Windows version is currently in the beta-tests stage.

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