GPUBox Web Service teaser


We have published a brief teaser for the possibilities that will be brought to you with the upcoming GPUBox Web Service.

Lots of things are happening in this short video, but the most important is that we combined 50 GPUs from 50 Amazon EC2 instances (we used the g2.2xlarge instance type) with GPUBox and we used Blender as an exemplary application to show how it works.

GPUBox Web Service automatically configures a multi-GPU cloud computing environment that within a few minutes can be accessed from a regular web browser. In other words, you will be a few clicks away from using an extremely powerful infrastructure to render your scenes.

Some of you might notice that the total rendering time of the presented scenes is not breathtaking. However, as we have mentioned some time ago, rendering on multi-GPU using network in Blender Cycles is not very efficient when it comes to rendering simple scenes. When 50 GPUs from 50 different systems are used – as it was shown in the video – the rendering itself is indeed super-fast, but preparing and distributing the scene to the GPUs consumes more time than usually. Using that many (or more) GPUs in Blender makes more sense when rendering heavier scenes in higher resolutions.

GPUBox Web Service is getting closer, stay put!

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