Next steps of Renegatt Software


The time has come to reveal some of our future plans.

So, let us make it brief and official – Renegatt Software is going to introduce:

Dedicated versions of GPUBox Artist

GPUBox Artist licenses restricted only to a particular application will be available to be purchased at a lower price. At the beginning, we will release GPUBox Artist separately for Blender and Octane. Each version will cost €59 per GPU.

GPUBox Web Service

Thanks to GPUBox Web Service you will be a few clicks away from using more GPUs than ever. The first edition of GPUBox Web Service is going to use Amazon EC2 instances.

Windows Server and Mac OS X Client

At the moment the GPUs can be served to the infrastructure only from Linux servers. Some of you would like to virtualize GPUs under Windows, and this is what we are going to do. Also, we are planning to develop GPUBox Client for Mac OS X.

Support for new applications

More CUDA-based renderers are going to join Blender and Octane.


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