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GPUBox 1.6.58 released


We are pleased to announce the fresh release of GPUBox. The new version 1.6.58 supports Linux and the most awaited, GPUBox fully supports Windows with super easy to use Setup Wizard.

Along with the new version for Windows operating system we also released Open GPUBox which allows to use up to 4 GPUs for free for any purposes.

Now it is childishly easy to connect at least two computers, install GPUBox and rule all of the available GPUs. You can even create peer-to-peer alike network of GPUs and share the power among the team’s members.

In the new version we fixed a few bugs and improved the stability and the performance.


Major GPUBox 1.6.58 features:

  • Supports Windows and Linux.
  • Open GPUBox, a free version to use for any purposes.
  • Easy to configure and manage.
  • Supports native InfiniBand
  • Intuitive Web Console
  • Sharing the same device among many users
  • Dynamic provisioning of any number of GPU devices
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Reduction of total cost and better GPU utilization

Download GPUBox:
Documentation online:


Major update is coming…


As we have announced a while ago, within the next update of GPUBox Arion will join the portfolio of officially supported GPU-based renderers. Our cooperation with RandomControl developers already resulted in exceeding the limit of 8 GPUs (that some of you might have noticed while watching our previous video). We are thrilled about that because the GPUBox-Arion combination exhibits astonishing potential in terms of scalability and performance. Just take a look at the video:

Stay tuned for the next updates. Soon we are going to reveal some more information about supported scientific applications and further GPU-based renderers (yes, V-Ray RT as well…)

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