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GPUBox is going to support Arion


We can now officially announce that GPUBox is going to support RandomControl Arion.

Arion is a hybrid, GPU-accelerated, and physically-based production render engine capable of generating hyper-real images. RandomControl offers it in stand-alone version as well as plugins for 3ds Max and Rhinoceros. First tests of this renderer running on GPUBox proved that it exhibits great scalability and nearly-native performance while using multiple GPUs virtualized with GPUBox.

We launched the Arion benchmark on 4 x GTX 690 (8 GPUs) running within our local testing environment as well as on 6xGRID K520 within GPUBox Web Service:


Official support for this outstanding renderer will be introduced to GPUBox within the next major update. Besides Arion, GPUBox is also going to open for scientific applications such as LAMMPS, CUDASW++, HOOMD-blue, Gromacs or BarraCUDA to name just a few. And last but not least – GPUBox GPUServer will no longer require Linux. Windows version is currently in the beta-tests stage.

Introducing GPUBox Web Service!


We are proud to announce that GPUBox Web Service is now available!

It is the first web service that combines the capabilities of GPUBox technology with computing power of Amazon EC2. GPUBox Web Service automatically configures a multi-GPU cloud computing environment that can be accessed from a regular web browser. In other words – it makes you a few clicks away from using an extremely powerful, GPUBox-enabled infrastructure to edit your scenes and render them in real time.

You are now able to deploy your private GPU cloud computing cluster in a few minutes without worrying about hardware or power supply. You do not need anything more than an Amazon AWS account and some GPUHours that you can purchase on our website. Besides, there are a few facts about GPUBox Web Service that you will find interesting:

It is great for heavy tasks

Engaging the processing power of dozens of high-end GPUs can decrease the time needed to complete your work by days or even months.

It allows you to keep your work secure

On the contrary to renderfarms, you can store your files on a private virtual machines hosted by Amazon AWS. You can exchange the files between your system and a virtual machine over secure transfer protocol. It gives you full control on who can access your precious files.

You can bring your own application

You can treat the virtual machine on Amazon AWS as your own system. It means that you can enhance your favorite application supported by GPUBox Artist with massive number of GPUs by simply installing it on your private virtual system within GPUBox Web Service. And if you are a Blender user – good news, it is already installed on the machine image and ready to work. At the moment GPUBox is working within CUDA environment, however we are going to introduce support for OpenCL and later also OpenGL. Continue reading

GPUBox Web Service teaser


We have published a brief teaser for the possibilities that will be brought to you with the upcoming GPUBox Web Service.

Lots of things are happening in this short video, but the most important is that we combined 50 GPUs from 50 Amazon EC2 instances (we used the g2.2xlarge instance type) with GPUBox and we used Blender as an exemplary application to show how it works.

GPUBox Web Service automatically configures a multi-GPU cloud computing environment that within a few minutes can be accessed from a regular web browser. In other words, you will be a few clicks away from using an extremely powerful infrastructure to render your scenes. Continue reading

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